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You can help

Volunteering for a Political party can be a rewarding experience.  The Democratic party, and the Democratic Party of York County offer a number of different ways to participate in the process, and to make a difference.

The York County Democratic Committee is looking for volunteers to help with

The York County Democratic Committee operates out of a facility in Rock Hill, SC.  Donations are used to help candidates get elected to public office, and to inform the community about issues which are important to South Carolinians.  You can create a single, one-time donation, or a recurring monthly donation of $10 using the 120 club.

The campaign runs on the support and time of our Volunteers.  These volunteers give their time, and sometimes spend entire days at the office making calls (phone bank), analyzing data, or performing other tasks.  We accept donations of snacks, drinks, paper towels & napkins, office supplies, computers, and other misc. items.  If you want to donate any of these items, contact us by email at or call 803-327-4222